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We Are Committed to Help You Get Lasting Results For Your Problems In the Fewest Number of Sessions




Fred R. Talisman M.F.T.



Talisman Institute
Fred R. Talisman M.F.T.
Director #8924
CA State Licensed Psychotherapist for over 31 years
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South Bay: 310-374-0372
Santa Moncia: 310-827-7986

We Are Committed to Help You Get Lasting Results For
Your Problems In the Fewest Number of Sessions

Fred R. Talisman MFT
• Over 31 Years of Experience
• Gentle Help For Tough Problems
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Which of the following would you like to receive help for:


Stop Smoking

Lose/Keep off Weight

• Release Past Hurts/Traumas

• Self Image/Esteem/Confidence

• Motivation/Willpower

• Study/Test Taking

• Concentration/Memory

• Fear of Public Speaking/Stage Fright

• Sexual Problems

• Job/Home Stress/Burn-out

• Insomnia/Headaches/Pain Management

• Alcohol/Cocaine/Substance Abuse

• Release Emotion Blocks

• Self Sabotage

• Procrastination

• Obsessions/Compulsions

•  Anxiety

• Depression

• Phobias/Fears

• Panic Attacks
• Nervous Habits

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South Bay: 310-374-0372
Santa Moncia: 310-827-7986


Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped Without Weight Gain in Two Sessions
As we all know, smoking can contribute to a variety of serious health problems
including cancer, heart and lung disease.  The average smoker spends $1,500 a
year on cigarettes.

Over the years, Fred has refined a process that helps most clients stop smoking and stay stopped in two sessions without gaining weight.

Permanent Weight Loss
Being overweight affects many areas of your life.  It can affect your self image, self esteem, health and feelings of attractiveness.

Many overweight people have experienced discrimination against them socially and in their careers.  Many have spent thousands of dollars on different weight loss programs only to put the weight back on again.  Fred is an expert in designing a weight control program that fits the realities of your personality and your home life.  Fred’s approach is thorough, effective and long lasting.

Lasting Relief for Your Personal Problems

Personal problems can have a negative impact on your health and happiness.  They can keep you from meeting your standards and goals in your job, romantic relationships and/or as a parent.

Many of Fred’s clients have found that problems they have had for months or years have been permanently resolved with Fred’s help in as few as a couple of sessions.

Why Should You Trust Your Care to
Fred R. Talisman M.F.T. and the Talisman Institute?

Fred has been helping people with problems for over 28 years.  Fred has done his homework.  He has a masters degree in counseling and guidance, educational psychology and education.  He is a California State Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor. After he got his license, he spent another 6 years in training to work with the unconscious with Hypnosis and NLP.

He never stops learning so that he can be more effective in helping you.  You receive the full benefit of his commitment to personal growth and professional excellence.

Lasting results, Minimum Sessions
Many spend months or years in counseling with little to show for their efforts.  Fred works in a direct practical, logical way.  In the first session he looks for the structure of the pattern of problems you are having.  By the end of that session, he can usually give you a clear idea of what help you are going to need from him to get lasting results for your problems.

Simple and Direct
He goes for the most simple and direct way to give you results and only gets more complex if necessary.

Doesn’t Dwell on the Past
Fred’s approach starts with the here and now rather than assuming that all of your problems are related to your childhood.  He first gives you skills and strategies to help you get results in the here and now.  He only explores your past if it is obvious to both of you that the here and now approach is not enough.

Release Unconscious Blocks that Sabotage Your Happiness
Many psychological problems are locked in at the unconscious level.  Fred uses the latest approaches for helping you at that level including Clinical Hypnosis and NLP. 

On Going Positive Reinforcement of Your Changes
Taping your own sessions is welcomed and encouraged.  Many of Fred’s clients find that each time they play back the solution part of their session on tape they find that:

1. So much is included in a session they catch learnings they may have missed during the session

2. It is a wonderful tool for positive reinforcement

3. They progress more rapidly

At your request, Fred will tape record the sessions for you at no extra charge.

Tools for Lasting Results
Whenever Fred helps you to resolve a problem, he also teaches you the skills to maintain that change.

Help Designed for the Busy Person
Fred tailors his practice for busy people.  He has evening appointments available so people don’t have to take time from work or school to see him.

He teaches his clients skills and strategies in a way that they can incorporate them into their daily life without having to take time out to practice them.

Call Fred Now:
South Bay: 310-374-0372
Santa Moncia: 310-827-7986